"Bringing High Quality Healthcare to the Office"

Everyone needs to see a doctor from time to time: but unless it's urgent, we often delay because surgery hours aren't convenient and mean time away from work.

By bringing GP services into your company, we help your staff see a doctor more quickly and easily. Seeing a GP during office hours can mean 20 minutes away from your desk, rather than half a day away from work.

Our flexible service can be scheduled at the most convenient times and locations. Ongoing or occasional services, full days or sessions also give you flexibility; you can vary the service, according to your staff profile.

We work with you to develop a service that meet your company's needs: from consultations, tests and minor procedures, to health management and well-being programmes such as stopping smoking, weight and stress management.

Our holistic approach to health means that we have excellent referral links with consultants and specialists if they're needed.

We complement - rather than replace - your own GP. Simply, we aim to provide a service which supports your business by supporting your people.

InHouseDoctor benefits your business by

  • Improving your productivity by reducing time away from the office
  • Reducing absenteeism amongst your staff
  • Providing private health facilities on site for all employees
  • Promoting good health amongst your employees
  • Demonstrating your commitment to your employee's long-term health and well-being

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