"Treating You As An Individual"

Our private GP service is all about you - your health, your well-being and your convenience.

We understand that you expect the highest standards of care, but also want continuity of care: to see the same doctor at every visit. We also know your busy lifestyle also means you may need to see a doctor at short notice, outside standard surgery hours or different locations.

We've developed our private GP service to offer exactly this kind of flexible, high quality service. We are committed to providing the long-term, trusting relationship that's central to your health and well-being.

Not solely focused on adults, our services are ideal for families and our GPs are particularly experienced in children's health and well-being.

Flexibility is the key to our service: our doctors can visit you at home or if you prefer, at one of our consulting rooms in Hertfordshire or London. Consultations can be in arranged to fit your busy schedule and telephone advice is also available.

Over the years, we've built excellent referral links with some of the UK's leading consultants and specialists. If needed, we can refer you immediately to the most appropriate specialist, hospital or consultant.

We offer a holistic approach, working with many complementary practitioners (Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists and counsellors) and can help you with your broader health, well-being and fitness matters.

InHouseDoctor offers you

  • Dedicated, personal medical service
  • Continuity of care - you see the same doctor
  • Consultations at times and locations to suit your busy lifestyle
  • Home visits and telephone consultations
  • Consulting rooms in Hertfordshire and London
  • Excellent referral links, including complementary services

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