Personal Services


Individual and completely confidential consultations with an experienced, knowledgeable GP, including diagnosis, prescriptions and/or further treatment or referrals as necessary


We can provide a wide range of routine tests and work closely with private laboratories to ensure results are available very quickly. The test, results and follow-up actions are always explained and a subsequent treatment plan devised - if needed.


If you need more specialist care or detailed investigation, we have a network of leading specialists and consultants to whom we can refer you immediately.

Minor Procedures

Many minor procedures can be undertaken quickly and very effectively at a time and location to suit you

Sports Medicine and Injuries

In addition to treating sports related injuries, your doctor can help you avoid further injury, as well as helping you to get, build and maintain your fitness.


We provide the same personal care for children too - from babies to young adults. Our GPs are particularly skilled and experienced in treating children of all ages.


We provide advice and consultation for minor allergies, as well as testing and management of complex or multiple allergy conditions.


From weight and stress management to stopping smoking, lifestyle and dietary assessments, our services include advice and counselling, as well as practical, ongoing programmes.